2018. We are now in our 12th year here in Alpine, Utah. We offer several classes of instruction for wheel thrown pottery along with our own variety of pottery items for sale, all high fired (cone 10, 2400F) stoneware or porcelain. We have a unique collection of artistic, decorative and functional items: vases, casseroles, covered cooking pots, serving trays, platters, tea pots, pitchers, butter dishes, mugs and lots of bowls for mixing, serving, or individual sized cereal/soup bowls. My glazes are all lead-free, safe for cooking, serving and eating/drinking from. All functional ware can be used in the dishwasher, oven or micro-wave (but not on a stove burner).

Our show room is open Monday through Saturday. We don't have regular posted hours but someone is usually here to assist you. If you are coming from a distance or want to make an appointment call us at (801) 49 49 500 (my cell#) or (801) 763-0144 (our house phone#). 10 minutes notice will give me time to wash the clay off my hands. 

Thank you, Ed Ham  (801 49 49 500)

DIRECTIONS: (White Stone Pottery, 794 Coventry Ln., Alpine, UT 84004)

The studio for our classes is a separate building at the end of the driveway. Feel free to walk in.

Parking in front of our house or in either driveway is OK. (During snowy days Alpine residents and visitors are required to park off the street. My 2 driveways can accomodate several vehicles.)

The show room is through the front door of our house. Please ring, knock or phone. Thank you.

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In ALPINE from main - 200 north - 200 east/grove - 770 north/794 coventry


            Directions To Alpine Heading South on I-15 from North                                

       1 - EXIT #284 HIGHLAND - ALPINE (Timpanogos Highway)                                                                                              

  • Exit I-15 at 284 (Alpine/Highland) onto SR92 (Timpanogos Highway) by Thanksgiving Point/Lehi. This is the 1st exit south of the point of the mountain. Head east towards the mountains. 
  • About 7 miles you will come to the intersection of Hwy 92 and Hwy 74 (Alpine Highway). Overhead sign reads '5300 West' (Harts/Chevron gas station on left corner). Turn left/north onto SR74. 
  • Soon you will come to the Alpine round-about, go straight through, and on the other side Route 74 becomes Alpine's 'Main Street'.
  • Look below for directions within Alpine once you pass through the round-about.


                           Directions To Alpine Heading North on I-15 from South

       1 - EXIT #275 PLEASANT GROVE (Pleasant Grove Blvd.)

        Exit I-15 and turn onto Pleasant Grove Blvd towards the mountains. Get into far left lane.

        At Intersection turn left onto W 7280 N.

        Continue on this road for several miles.

        W 7280 N will cross State Street and becomes North County Blvd.,

        passes the American Fork Hospital, LDS Timpanogos Temple,

        Lone Peak High School and crosses over SR92 (Timpanogos Highway)

        keep in right lane to go straight across SR92.

        Road becomes N 4800 W and changes into a 2 lane road.

        Head over the hill and around the bend untill it meets the Alpine round-about.

        Exit round-about to your right onto Main Street (see directions below).


       2 - EXIT #282 AMERICAN FORK (500 EAST)  

  • Exit I-15 at #282 onto 500 East towards mountains into American Fork and heading north.
  • At State Street (second traffic light) turn left (two left turn lanes get into the right left turn lane.)
  • At 100 East (SR74) turn right (7-11 Gas&Food on corner). Alpine is 6 miles east towards mountains.
  • AF 100 East through Highland (SR74) becomes Alpine Highway when you cross SR92. Continue straight through intersection of SR74 & SR92 (Timpanogos Hwy & 5300 West). Soon you will see the Alpine City sign or the 'Alpine' rock.
  • Alpine Hwy continues through the round-about and becomes Alpine's 'Main Street' on the other side. 
  • Look below for directions within Alpine once you pass straight through the round-about.


                      Directions to White Stone Pottery Within Alpine - Main Street

  • As you pass through the Alpine round-about Hwy 74 (Alpine Hwy) has become Main Street.
  • Continue on Main Street until you come to the first stop sign (200 North) and turn right.
  • At the next stop sign (200 East) turn left. 
  • 200 East becomes Grove Drive as you pass the cemetery on your left.
  • On your right watch for '770 North & Moyle Park' signs and turn right (heading east).
  • 770 North becomes Coventry Lane.
  • 794 Coventry is the seventh house east from the corner of Grove Drive and 770 N. We are on the right or south side. We are the house on the corner just before the road turns 90 degrees south/right. Our mailbox has '794' in large numbers.
  • Our studio is the building at the end of the driveway. Please park on the street (avoid mailbox).
  • Our Display/Sales area is in our house just off the front door entry.