2018 WHITE STONE POTTERY: Utah Valley Pottery Classes - Alpine, Utah

August 2018;  Below are the listings of class times. Enrollment is for 1 month or longer depending upon your interest.

ADULT CLASSES (age 16+): Wheel-thrown pottery lessons are offered at my studio in Alpine, Utah. Students are taught how to make pottery using the pottery wheels. Classes are for all levels of students; begining,  intermediate and advanced ability. This is a class for those who may wish to experience the process of making clay pottery for the first time using the electric powered pottery wheel (not a manual kick wheel). Or perhaps you have had some previous experience and would like the opportunity to continue developing skills to create useful items for your home or as gifts. Classes are designed to help any who wish to continue their growth in the variety of projects possible or to increase the size and quality of the pieces produced.


Class Times for Adults (16+)

Class times and openings are listed below. Instruction begins the first scheduled day of the month, however students may enroll and begin at any time of the month. Currently enrolled students have first priority for the following month's classes. If classes are full I can add you to the 'wait list' for the following month. Class size is limited to 5 students. There is no limit as to how many classes, or months, you can enroll in. All enrollments are for one month, 4 weekly 2 hour sessions.



      Monday:          Morning    10:00 - 12:00

                             Evening    7:00  -  9:00 

      Tuesday;          Morning   10:00  - 12:00 

                             Evening     7:00  -  9:00  

      Wednesday;     Morning   10:00  -  12:00 

                             Evening     7:00  -  9:00   

      Thursday;        Morning    10:00  - 12:00 

                             Evening     7:00  -  9:00  

PLEASE READ all the following; 

Classes will first be filled by current returning students. Classes are not available in December, January and sometimes limited in August.  During my absense for Festivals, Work Shops or Demonstrations outside of the studio, an advanced student, substitute instructor, or another class option time will be provided. 

For questions please contact me at (801) 49 49 500 (494-9500) or email 'whitestoneut@hotmail.com'.

  • First-time students (no previous wheel throwing experience) should consider enrolling for 2 months (8 classes) to acquire the basic skills needed to complete a few (3-6) useful projects.
  • Classes and Fees are listed as a one-month enrollment. Students have at least 4 class meetings which meet once a week for a 2 hour session (sometimes classes are extended to 2 1/2 hours)
  • Make-up sessions for absences must be completed within the same month enrolled (no carryovers to the next month). I offer makeup sessions during the regular cheduled hours listed above. You must contact me to reserve a space for any make-up class, don't just show up. If you enroll for 1 month of classes you have a minimum of 4 sessions but sometimes there may be a 5th day in the month which is a bonus with no extra fee.
  • Fees for 2018 are $125 for 16-25 yrs. and $140 for 26+ yrs. 
  • Fees are due at the first class meeting. If late then each week will add a $10 late fee. Also there will be a $25 deposit for new students which will be used to pay for the pottery projects you make the first month. Projects will not be fired until this deposit is provided. Material costs will be deducted from this deposit as you take your finished work home. The charges for your finished Pottery are $5 per pound. This covers the actual cost of the clay used in making each pot plus the costs of glazes and kiln firings (electric & gas). Most projects you make will weigh 1 pound ($5).
  • I do not have required assignments. After showing a few technics for making some pottery forms you can decide what you would like to create and I will demonstrate the process you will need to acquire in order to accomplish that project.  
  • There is no limit to how many times you can re-enroll for each month. Most students re-enroll for the following month (2 consecutive). 
  • Pottery not picked up or paid for by the end of the month will be disgarded, donated or sold. 

All Fees (payment for one month of classes-4 sessions) are due on the first day of the class meeting each month (cash, check or credit card). This fee includes; personal instruction and demonstrations, instructor's care of each students work to ensure the best possible success of each project, all materials and tools used in working with the clay, and the use of the wheels & studio equipment during the scheduled class time. All clay is provided with no charge and you only pay for the clay used for your finished pottery. As listed above this fee covers the actual cost of the clay, glaze materials and firings (electricity & natural gas) used to produce your pottery pieces. The average beginning student will produce 1 to 3 items their first month. These first pots weigh about 1 lb. each. Beginners are strongly encouraged to take a second consecutive month class in order to develop the skills necessary to achieve a successful 'beginner' level. After this initial introductary period continuing students will experience greater variety of projects, increased size and production, and much improved quality. Additional classes may then be added by interest or convenience.

The small class size (max 5) allows for individual, one-on-one, instruction. During the first month of class the clay is prepared/wedged for you to allow you to focus on the centering process and the strength/coordination  needed for molding the clay into a successful wheel-thrown pot. As your projects dry and reach their proper leather-hard stage your pottery will be placed into plastic bags with your ID chip identifing your work and then they will be ready for trimming when you return to class the following week. All classes are taught by Ed Ham.

 *Students currently enrolled have 1st priority for enrollment in the following month.


Call or text Ed Ham at (801) 49 49 500 (cell-studio). Email 'whitestoneut@hotmail.com'

Detailed directions on how to get to the studio are located under the designated tab 'Directions'.