Annual Pottery Christmas Sale; December 1st - White Stone Pottery - Alpine, Utah Valley

December 1st, Saturday, is when I have my annual Christmas sale. My Holiday Sale is always the 1st Saturday in December. I have over 300 pieces of pottery priced from $15 up. Our Gallery is filled with a variety of pots and each piece is unique. The selection of Functional ware or Artistic pieces we offer are sure to please anyone. My display gallery is off the front door entry. Pottery Classes can be a special gift also and we can print a 'Gift Certificate' for any amount which can be used for a class or for any ceramic pieces. White Stone Pottery has been here in Alpine for over 10 years now since we moved from Provo in 2005. Our Sale hours are from 10:00 am untill 7:00 pm but we can accomodate you at any time. For inquiries call Ed Ham at 801-494-9500. For directions check my web site (whitestonepottery) and click on 'Directions'. Thank you for your continued support !   WSP, 794 Coventry Lane, Alpine, Utah 84004


2019 POTTERY CLASSES (age 16+); Alpine, Utah Valley, Utah County, Utah 

Classes for 2019 begin in February. I am sorry that my classes are often full but contact me if interested. I have a limit of 40 students in 8 classes. Students often continue their enrollment for several months. Click on 'Classes' to see what days and times my Pottery classes are offered. If interested in attending a class or being put on a 'Wait List' for any classes listed please send me a text. Include your name and all class times you are interested in or able to attend. The more class time options you list the greater the chance of securing a space. My Text/Phone is (801) 49 49 500 (801-494-9500) Ed Ham.   Best if you contact me by 'TEXT' not email.