White Stone Christmas Pottery Sale is scheduled for Saturday, November 23, from 9:00 till 6:00. 

My Display/Gallery is open Monday through Saturday (no specific hours but no later than 10:00 pm please). I have 300 pieces of pottery for sale priced from $25. Give me a call or text me to allow a few minutes to greet you. 


3 Pottery spaces for October - Have 3 openings for Monday Morning; 'Wait List' for November is open. 2020 Classes will begin in February.

Check 'CLASSES' to see if any spaces are available. Evening sessions have the highst demand. Text me (801-494-9500) to be put on my 'Wait List' for November (Include info on which class times you can attend). If spaces become available those on this list will be contacted first. READ 'Classes' section to answer most of your questions.  Ed


Pottery Classes/Lessons, Alpine, Utah Valley, Utah, (Age 16+) 2020 Utah County. 

2020 will celebrate my 50th year of making pottery and my 45th year of teaching. Classes are offered MTW Morning & Evening and Thursday morning, and meet once a week; Mornings 10-12 or Evenings 7-9. Messages or questions preferred through Text at (801) 49 49 500. If you call me by phone leave a voice mail message as I am often unable to answer my phone.   Ed

Check my 'Classes' tab for listings of open spaces for all my classes. Spaces are filled first by returning enrolled students and second from those on my 'wait list' and those who text/call me. I will update this list the first week of each month until all classes are full. If there are posted open spaces you may reserve a spot and/or enroll by texting me. If texting please include your name and as many class time options as you can attend. Being added to the 'wait list' is NOT an immediate enrollment but when a space becomes available you will be notified and have that option. Sometimes it takes a month or longer for an opening to become available.